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Brighten Your Home

Green Technology Solutions

For Convenience, Peace Of Mind & Energy Conservation

Solar Electricity

Residential Solar Investment Program Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) systems are

now more affordable than ever for Connecticut residents. You can make

a smart investment and save money on your electric bills by adding

a proven, reliable, pollution-free technology to your home.

The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority now offers two

different incentive models to help customers.

The first model supports residential consumers

who seek to purchase a solar PV system.

The second model is a leasing model designed to allow consumers

access to solar PV systems with no or limited upfront costs.

Who is eligible?

  • If your home is in the Connecticut Light & Power Company or the United Illuminating Company service territories and offers a good location for a solar system, you can qualify to receive CEFIA’s residential solar incentives.

What makes a good location for a solar system?

  • The best location for a solar power system is a south-facing roof. A system can also be installed on the ground of your property if a roof can not be used.
  • A 35 to 50 degree roof tilt is optimal for year-round energy production.
  • Clear access to the sun for most of the day unobstructed by trees, roof-gables, chimneys, buildings and other features of your home or surrounding landscape.
  • Adequate space on your roof or property. A typical solar system averages approximately 100 square feet per kilowatt.
  • A roof in good condition. If your roof is older and needs to be replaced in the very near future, you may want to replace it at the time the solar system is installed to avoid the cost of removing and re-installing your system.

Residential Solar Incentives

The Expected Performance-Based Buydown (EPBB) incentive (i.e. rebate) is available to consumers who purchase a solar PV system. It provides a lump-sum payment (rebate) based upon major design characteristics of the system, such as panel type, installation tilt, shading, orientation and solar isolation (a measure of solar radiation energy on a given area).

The EPBB (i.e. rebate) model provides one level of incentives for the first 5 kilowatts (kW) and a lower level for the second 5 kW (or portion thereof). CEFIA does not provide incentives for any portion of a system that is greater than 10 kW.

Furthermore, there is a 5% bonus for projects that use major system components principally manufactured in Connecticut. An additional bonus is available if these components are principally manufactured in a Connecticut distressed municipality. 

Program currently in Step 2

EPBB Incentive ≤5 kW ($/W) = $2.275

EPBB Incentive >5 kW and ≤10 kW ($/W) = $1.075  

The Performance-Based Incentive (PBI) is a leasing model is designed to allow consumers access to solar PV systems for no or limited upfront costs. Under this model, a third party owns the system and enters into a contract with the site owner. The PBI is paid based on actual performance over the course of 6 years. The PBI model also provides an additional bonus for projects that use major system components principally manufactured in Connecticut.  

Program currently in Step 2

PBI Incentive <10 kw = $0.300

Roof Mount Systems

Ground Mount Systems

Pole Mount Systems

Tracking Systems

Battery Back-up Systems

CEFIA Rebates

Tax Credit

Hybrid Solar Fiber Optic

Lighting System

Hybrid Solar Lighting

with tracking distributes natural light within the interior of buildings and is fully integrated into the existing artificial lighting systems.

Solar Power Generation

Solar Power Systems concentrates sunlight onto a specialized

Photovoltaic module that

produces a peak power output

of 500W per system.

The use of plastic mirrors, in

conjuction with the low-cost platform, enables electricity generation for around $10/w, installed cost.

Arrays of Solar Power Systems allow customers to size their power

output as needed 500W to 5MW

Small footprint is ideal for rooftop

power generation. Twice the power generation per square foot,

compared to flat panel PV

Great Solar Products To Reduce Electricity Usage

Solar Attic Fans

Solar Attic Tubes

Hybrid Solar Generators

Portable Solar Generators

Tracking Ground Mount Solar PV

Tracking Pole Mount Solar PV

Solar Trees Lighting Fixtures

Tree Mount Solar Systems

Solar Oven

Solar Products

Solar Toys