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Brighten Your Home

Green Technology Solutions

For Convenience, Peace Of Mind & Energy Conservation

If you are interested in having your home powered

by Solar Energy or would like more information

please fill out form at bottom of the page.

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Advantages of Solar

- Energy from the sun is environmentally friendly. It’s clean,

it doesn’t pollute. Heating our homes with oil or natural gas or

using electricity from power plants working with oil and coal, increase the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

- Solar systems can now work in almost any climate, though a

good home's orientation and design is important. See

Passive Solar Techniques. According to the US Environmental

and Energy Study Institute, 40% of all U.S. homes can install solar

water heaters even with nowadays technology.

- Residential solar panels require little maintenance, and

the initial investment can be recovered within 3 to 8 years;

Solar systems pay for themselves through savings on

electricity or natural gas bills. After the payback period,

the energy cost becomes approximately zero

(the only costs are a periodical cheap maintenance).

- Financial incentives can reduce the cost of the initial investment and installing. The U.S. government offers

tax credits that may mount to 30 percent of the

investment (maximum of $2,000) in the case of water

heater systems (excluding swimming pools...),

and the system must be certified by the SRCC

(Solar Rating and Certification Corporation).

- Manufacturers are offering warranties of 20 years and more.


Rebates Available to Help Pay

for Solar PV Systems.

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund offers rebates through designated participating installers for Connecticut residents, nonprofits and governmental organizations that install solar

PV systems on their homes or

at their facilities.

  • Up to $25,000 Rebate Per Household Plus Incremental Connecticut State Sales Tax.
  • Up to $50,000 Rebate for Nonprofits and Governmental Organizations

Rebate Amounts system under ideal conditions. We will then apply that "design factor" to the $/watt basis

to calculate the rebate amount.

The ideal conditions that will

maximize your rebate are:

The current solar rebate offered by CCEF is based on the design efficiency of your system.

That means we will calculate how much electricity your PV

system as designed will produce as compared to an equivalent

1. PV panels with a

high PTC rating

2. An inverter that is 94%

efficient or better

3. No shading on the site

4. PV panels facing

solar south

(plus or minus 20 degrees)

5. PV panels tilted at a

35 degree angle

Rebate $/watt basis

Customer type:

$ cap per watt


$5 for the first 5kW /

$4.30 for the next 5kW

Nonprofit & governmental organization:

$5 for the first 10kW

We can calculate the projected

rebate amount based on your

specific site and equipment.


Under current law, an individual homeowner may take an income tax credit of 30% of spending on qualified solar property up to $2,000. This law is effective for systems placed in service by the end of 2008. New federal legislation has been introduced to extend and expand the solar tax credits.

Cost & Saving:

A number of factors will determine your overall costs and savings including the future price of electricity, how long your system is operational, and the effects of policies that impact solar energy value. Unlike electricity purchased continuously from a utility, PV power comes with a high initial investment and reduced monthly charges thereafter. This means that buying a PV system is an investment in the future.

Connecticut residents now pay on average 20 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity from their utilities. Combining the Connecticut rebate and net metering with federal tax incentives and tax-deductible low-interest financing, could mean cost savings over the life of your PV system, especially if electricity prices keep climbing. For questions concerning tax savings, please consult with a professional tax advisor.

On average, the cost of a residential PV system in Connecticut is $8.50 - $9 per installed watt. The price could be higher if your installation is more complex. The CCEF rebate depends upon the specific design efficiency of your system and it generally pays for about half of the PV system cost.

We can help you calculate the payback and return on investment for your PV system.


Some of the benefits of owning

a Solar PV system include:

PV systems are reliable, pollution-free, and use a renewable source of energy.

PV systems help preserve the Earth's finite fossil fuel resources and reduce air pollution.

PV systems allow owners to add an energy-producing improvement to their property and over time to recover the cost of the system through reduced electric bills.

PV systems make owners less vulnerable to future increases in the price of electricity.

Please fill out the form below to be added to our

customer list if you would like to learn more about Solar Energy. (Please put "Solar" in address 2 )

Thank you & look forward to

Brighten Your Home.

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