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Brighten Your Home

Green Technology Solutions

For Convenience, Peace Of Mind & Energy Conservation

Increased Energy Saving

You’ve probably heard the statistic of how dimming a light 15%

in electricity usage and extends the life of your light bulbs.

Why stop there? Take your home to another level of energy savings by adding Insteon compatible wall switches, lamp controllers, thermostats and more.

Many ways to save energy with Insteon

Dimming your lights is a quick way to save energy.

Being able to program dimming automatically based on

the time of the day saves even more energy.

Add a motion sensor that only turns on the light when a

room is occupied and the savings really add up.

Add the convenience of accessing it all from your mobile

phone and now you’re able to turn lights off or set

back your thermostats if you forgot.

Using radio frequency and your home’s existing electrical power lines, Insteon lets you automate without having to rewire your house. In the illustration below, an RF remote sends a command to switch and lamp module by way of an Access Point.

The Access Point receives the RF signal from the remote and simultaneously re-broadcasts the signal via RF and power line. Power line signals travel across the homes existing electrical lines, allowing control over any plug-in or wired-in light or appliance.

The RF signal can be picked up b other dual-band devices that are out of range of the RF remote. At least 2 Access Points devices are recommended to create a whole-home Insteon network.

Controlling Lights

Plug-In Light control kit will enable you to control plug-in

lights in less than 10 minutes. It consists of a

handheld remote and LampLinc Dimmer.

RemoteLinc sends On/Off/Dim/ Bright commands via RF signal up to 150' away from an Access Point or LampLinc device.

This Systems is expandable for control of up to 6 unique devices

or scenes. Just add more lamp or appliance controllers or

remote control wall switches and dimmers.

Control lights in any room using your universal remote or RemoteLinc.

This solution includes everything you need to control wired in lights using your universal remote or RemoteLinc. By using SwitchLinc dimmer and 1 IR to Insteon converter (IRLinc receiver).

The IRLinc takes the signals from your universal remote

and converts them into Insteon signals. Those signals

travel to SwitchLinc wall switches or dimmers over

your existing power wires.

Control lights with the web.

Connect SmartLinc to your router and turn any iPhone or web-enabled device into a home controller. Use it to control lighting such as plug-in lamps and overhead lights.

Access your home from anywhere you have internet access.

Central Location

Control your lighting, HVAC, and surveillance systems from a single location by installing an automation control system in your home or business.

Hardwired systems offer easy interfacing through control panels, touch screens, and/or your home network.

Which even allows remote access and control over a secure Internet connection.