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For Convenience, Peace Of Mind & Energy Conservation

To ALL of the installers keep up the good work.

We are on the front lines of the Solar Industry. We must band together and put all of our great minds and ideas on the same page to stay in front of the pack. We have to review and obey all codes and applications because at the end of the day we are an electrical company. Just cause we haven't been called out it yet don't mean they won't in the future. With all the money that will be coming from programs the inspections are going to get tougher. So lets try to stay in front of the curve. I hope the biggest confusing has been that I have been working out of the NEC 2008 not the NEC 2005. But regardless which NEC you look through, article 690 has over 60 references to other articles not in 690 that we must follow. Grounding, bonding, ground rods, disconnects, wire size, pipe size, proper screws, nut backing, combiner boxes, weebs???, bugs, crimps, use2, nema, etc. Anything else in question. We are planning a "code" meeting so please bring anything that you think would help. Also please bring an open mind. And a number two pencil.

Quiz #1

Quiz #1 If a rod electrode is required for grounding purpose and a layer of rock resricts the rod from being driven into the ground, which of the following alternate methods of installation shall be used:
Concrete and brick walls are considered which of the following:
Separately derived systems must be grounded to a grounding electrode to ensure that dangeroous voltage on metal parts, caused by a ground fault, can be removed or reduced to a safe value.
The service disconnection means ina building shall not have more then how many switches or circuit breakers:
A photovoltaic array with two outputs, each of which have opposite polarity to a common center taps,is considered to be which of the following:
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