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Brighten Your Home

Green Technology Solutions

For Convenience, Peace Of Mind & Energy Conservation

Home Automated Systems

Technology Solutions For Convenience,

Peace Of Mind, & Energy Conservation

Home control is not just affordable and easy to implement,

but has now become a necessity to help reduce energy costs.

From lighting and appliance control to security and heating and cooling (HVAC) automation, our Insteon technology allows

you to create your own perfect smart home.

Benefits Of An Automated System Include:

  • Ability to control all the lights in the home from anywhere
  • Appliance management
  • Automated home audio/video or other IR-controlled devices
  • Use home sensors such as occupancy, water, humidity, & temperature for automation of lights or emergency notification(phone call, flash lights,e-mail)
  • Remote control over locks for doors and/or gates
  • Heating and cooling (HVAC) control and management
  • Integration with security alarm systems and sensors
  • Energy saving through efficient control and management of your home Common Home Control Applications

Lighting Control

Once you have remote control of the lights and appliances

in your home, you may never go back to manually operating

them again. Turn your bathroom light on or off without getting

out of bed. Schedule your fan or space heater to turn on and

off at specified times. Create custom lighting scenes and

control it all from your iPhone.

Audio/Video Control

With Insteon you can convert an existing wall switch into a

remote control keypad for your audio or video systems. You

can also turn any ordinary universal remote into an Insteon controller. 

Dim lights down as you get ready to watch a movie

or turn on the kitchen lights for a snack during intermission.

Temperature Control

Control your thermostat from anywhere in the house or

use your web-enabled phone to set the perfect

temperature before you get home.

Home Sensors & Custom Applications

Have the freedom to create, manage and trigger scenes

via customized security sensors or other low voltage devices.

Close the garage door from the master bedroom or unlock

the front door from mobile phone. Monitor water levels or

get a phone call if a leak is detected.

Program & Control Your Home From Anywhere In The World By Using

Any Web-Enabled PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, Or PDA

Automated Systems offer a wide range of technology

solutions for both residential and commercial solutions.

  • Personal Safety & Security Education
  • Home & Business Security Evalutions
  • Automated Lighting & Appliance Control
  • Green Technologies & Energy Conservation Solutions
  • Residential Video Surveillance Systems
  • Interior & Exterior Audio, Video & Home Theater
  • Structured Wiring & Multi-room Media Solutions

Also specializes in small business solutions to improve workplace

safety, reduce cost and increase profits associated with our loss prevention and workplace automation solutions and services.

  • Scene & Remote Control Lighting
  • Security Alarm Interfaces & Sensors
  • Home Sensors (water, humidity, temperature )
  • Access Control ( door locks )
  • Heating & Cooling ( HVAC ) Control & Management
  • Energy Savings

Automated solutions not only make your life safer & more

convenient, it can also help you save energy and money.

We can show you how to help the environment and

your wallet through energy conservation.

The average home spends almost $2,000 on energy costs

every year. Lower your energy bills and improve comfort by

making your home more energy efficient.

The average household could cut a third of its current energy bill by

switching to energy efficient appliances, equipment and lighting.

From lighting to thermostat control products, SmartHome

offers a variety of products that homeowners can

start saving energy cost today.

Monitor Electricity Usage

Informs you in real time of the amount of electricity your household is consuming. Displays current and total electricity usage in dollars, cents, and kilowatt hours.

Includes everything you need to analyze your energy usage. Features a wireless sensor that clamps to your energy meter and transmits information to a portable, wireless reciver that displays your energy usage information on a large LCD screen.