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Brighten Your Home

Green Technology Solutions

For Convenience, Peace Of Mind & Energy Conservation

Electricity Monitoring

  • Includes a wireless energy meter sensor, wireless LCD display unit and WiFi interface
  • Informs you in real time of the amount of electricity your household is consuming
  • Connect via the Internet to Microsoft Hohm
  • Works with electro-mechanical meters and electronic meters with an optical port
  • Programmable with various electricity rates for accuracy
  • Displays current and total electricity usage in dollars and cents and kilowatt hours

This kit includes everything you need to analyze your energy usage in real time

from a wireless in home monitor or remotely via the internet.

It features a wireless sensor that clamps to your energy meter and transmits information to a portable, wireless receiver that displays your energy usage information on a large LCD screen.

WiFi accessory device wirelessly uploads data received from the sensor using

your wireless internet connection and intergrates it with microsoft Hohm giving

your remote access to your energy usage and allows you to compare it to

surrounding neighborhoods and receive energy saving tips.

Various electricity rates can be programmed for extreme accuracy,

including single (flat) rates, tiered rates, and time-based rates.

The sensor measures the speed of the wheel and the display unit converts that information into current and cumulative dollars and cents and killowatt hours.

By monitoring your energy costs you can decide when to cut back on

your energy use and save money.

Validated 3rd party research puts actual savings at 6% to 18%.

Uses SmartHome technology that calculates your home's electricity use and display that information in a way that we can understand, in dollars and cents.