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Brighten Your Home

Green Technology Solutions

For Convenience, Peace Of Mind & Energy Conservation

Brighten Your Home is a Design and Install Home Improvement Company 

We would like to take this time to thank all that helped and support Brighten Your Home. We look forward to spreading the word & brightening many more homes. Our Energy Saving, Family Owned, Company is based on the belief that......

"Customer needs & values are the highest of importance"

We believe your home can be energy efficient while reflecting your personal taste and style. Every project is a custom job; no two homes are the same neither are people.

Starting with a site evaluation and lifestyle review, along with energy consumption analysis, we can determine which products would be the best to brighten your home and create a custom energy efficient home. We review potential options from Solar Energy to Home Automation and much more.

Our research team is constantly finding new products and technology that would assist our customers with their energy efficiency needs. We do not just offer free light bulb from the government or $100+ LED light bulb, but aim to provide/educate our customers regarding new technology such as.....

Hybrid Solar Fiber Optic Lighting System.

We do not mark-up material 2 to 3 times their price, similar to other companies, in an effort to allow customers affordability to new or existing energy efficient technology. Rather where required, we charge a small percentage for a handling fee of material and focus on properly compensating our employees, installers, electricians,etc. After all it is their craftsmanship and quality that we promote. Each of our employees takes great pride in their work and in our company’s standards and culture.